VOA Newscasts Script(毎日VOAでニュースリスニング!)

【VOA NEWSCASTS】スクリプトと音声でニュース英語シャワー! 2023年3月2日(1)


This is VOA News. I’m Richard Green. An arrest has been made in Greece in the wake of Tuesday night’s head on collision between a passenger train and a free train. Dozens died in the country’s deadliest rail crash in living memory. Reuters correspondent Olivia Chan has more.

A local train station master has been arrested over the deadliest train crash to hit Greece in living memory. The man is denying any wrongdoing and has attributed the accident to a possible technical failure. According to government and police sources, the passenger train and a cargo train collided head on on Tuesday night outside the city of Larissa, killing dozens and wounding more. Many of the victims are thought to be university students on their way back from a long holiday weekend. The passenger train was carrying over 350 people and heading to the city of Thessaloniki on the Aegean coast, according to Hellenic train data. The government has declared three days of national mourning with flags at halfmass. That was Reuters correspondent Olivia Chan.

A Ukraine official says frontline troops may pull back from Bakhmut AP  correspondent Charles De Ledesma reports. An adviser to the president says Ukraine’s military could retreat from the key eastern stronghold of Bakhmut amid a relentless Russian offensive that sought for months to capture the city. Alexander Rod Nyanski says our military is obviously going to weigh up all the options. So far they’ve held the city but if need be they will strategically pull back. We’re not together going to sacrifice all of our people just for nothing. The battle of Bakhmut in Ukraine’s eastern donation region has become a symbol of Ukraine in resistance, with Russian troops taking heavy casualties in a monthslong campaign to capture it. I’m Charles de Ledesma.

You can find more on this story on VOAnews.com. This is VOA News.

Taiwan reported on Thursday, a second day of large scale Chinese air force incursions into its air defense identification zone. Taiwan, which China views as its own territory, has complained for the past three years of stepped up Chinese military activities near the self ruled island. China has said its activities in the area are just justified as it seeks to defend its territorial integrity and to warn the United States against colluding with Taiwan.

French president Emmanuel Macron began a four nation tour of Africa on Wednesday after announcing a different kind of relationship with the continent amid growing regional opposition to French military involvement and support for closer ties with Russia, anika Hamaslag reports.

As part of the new strategy, French military bases in Africa will transform into military academies, while others will eventually be corun with African partners. But as France has distanced itself from the continent, other parties have moved in. Private Russian military group Fogner has established a presence in Mali and the Central African Republic, where it has been accused of atrocities such as torture, rape and executions. Macaulay said he did not accept responsibility for the worsening security crisis in Mali and that he would not let France become escape. Anika hammershlock for viewing news Dakar.

Senegal tesla said it will cut the cost of his next generation of vehicles in half, largely by using innovative manufacturing techniques and smaller factories. CEO Elon Musk and other executives outlined the goals during a presentation at its Austin, Texas headquarters on Wednesday.

So there is a clear path to a sustainable energy earth. It doesn’t require destroying natural habitats, it doesn’t require us to be austere.
And stop using electricity and be in the cold or anything.

Musk announced that Tesla plans to build a new factory in Mexico in Montre, he said the new factory will build the next generation of vehicles bubbledog tape production from any other factories where Tesla expects to expand production and Musk other companies.
SpaceX will try again at sending NASA’s next longduration crew to the International Space Station on Thursday. Two NASA astronauts will be joined by a Russian cosmonaut and an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates for a six month science mission aboard the ISS.
The SpaceX Falcon Nine rocket top of the crew Dragon capsule Endeavor was set for liftoff sometime this hour from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The four man crew should reach the International Space Station early on Friday morning.
Monday’s initial attempt to send the crew to Space was caught off less than three minutes before liftoff due to a clogged filter that prevented the flow of fuel to the rocket’s main engines.

I’m Richard Green reporting for VOA News.


1. What was the cause of the deadliest train crash in Greece according to the arrested train station master?

A. Technical failure
B. Human error
C. Natural disaster
D. Terrorist attack

2. What is the reason behind China’s air force incursions into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone?

A. To defend its territorial integrity
B. To warn the United States
C. To launch an attack on Taiwan
D. To conduct joint military exercises with Taiwan

3. What is the French president Emmanuel Macron’s new strategy for Africa?

A. To increase military involvement in Africa
B. To strengthen economic ties with Africa
C. To transform French military bases into military academies
D. To withdraw military presence from Africa

4. What is the Russian private military group Fogner accused of in the Central African Republic and Mali?

A. Torture and executions
B. Humanitarian aid
C. Training local military forces
D. Supporting local governments

5. What is the main goal of Elon Musk’s announcement regarding Tesla’s future plans?

A. To reduce the cost of next-generation vehicles
B. To expand production to other countries
C. To build a new factory in Mexico
D. To focus on renewable energy sources.

Answers: 1. A, 2. A, 3. C, 4. A, 5. A